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Google Algorithms

Article marketing will live on, but you may have to learn how to write articles differently after the Google algorithm update. Some call it the Farmer update, but that is just one guy’s name for it – Google named it Panda, so Panda it is. What did this Panda algorithm update achieve?

Panda is an update to Google’s search engine algorithm, that determines what web pages should be indexed and where these pages should appear in the results pages offered to people using specific search terms to find information. In a nutshell, it changed the way Google looked at web pages and listed them and in turn, the way that online marketers used article marketing.

The main change was to put more emphasis on the site as a whole, and to remove web pages that failed to offer expert information on the topic. If an article seems shallow in content, and does not appear to be written by an expert, if it appears sloppy and not well researched, if it is short or fails to offer information other than what is obvious, then Panda might well decide it does not deserve a listing, this is known as On Page SEO.

Google algorithm updates are changes Google applies to their search engines to bring better results for the end user, SEO companies have to comply with these updates as old SEO techniques become obsolete and keeping in mind that Google’s main objective is to provide Google users that are using the search engine to find useful and authoritative information on the topic defined by their search term. 

Here is where we come in, we use the latest algorithm updates and SEO techniques online, it does not take your article marketing strategies into account and if Google’s algorithm calculates that your page content or article is not offering useful and authoritative information then don’t expect it be listed.

Poor article spinning is on its way out due to the Google Panda algorithm update no matter what the software designers try to tell you – straight from Google’s mouth! Give up poor spinning and start writing your own articles with substance; with a lack of similarity to thousands of other articles and with some unique or at least meaningful information useful to Google’s customers.

Acceptance and listings are no longer guaranteed, and large numbers of bad link submissions are being refused when they would have been accepted for publication prior to Panda. Most of these substandard articles have been removed from Google’s index and hence its listings, and also from the directories’ databases. 

We apply the latest link stategies online and we make the process seem completely natural. SEO does take some time to take effect, especially if the competition is high so we as you to be patient, or enrol in our Google Paid Advertising campaign to receive instant traffic.

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